Benecke Forensic Biology presents

University of the Philippines (UP Diliman) Forensic DNA Lab 1997

Photos by Mark Benecke

With S. Halos, Mike Tan, Music Michelle Magno, Jasmin Jiji Miranda, Gayvelline Calacal and many other fine individuals

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Related Papers: [Halos SC, Fortuno ES 3rd, Ferreon AC, Chu JY, Miranda J, Harada S, Benecke M. Population Data/Allele frequency distributions (F13A01, D1S80, VWA, FES): Internat J Legal Med 1998:224-6] [Miranda JJ, Benecke M, Hidding M, Schmitt C. Y-Chromosomal short tandem repeat haplotypes of the loci DYS393, DYS19, DYS392, and DYS385-I/II, DYS390, DYS389-I/II, and DYS391 in a Filipino population sample: J Forensic Sci 2001:1250-3]

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